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Jul 29, 2023
I just bought myself a lelo F1S v2 and just downloaded the lelo F1S iso app on my iPod touch 6 gen. When I open the app a little video plays followed by a prompt to hold the power button on the F1S v2 until the lights dart flashing. Once I done that, it then asks me to press the power button on the F1S to confirm pairing. Once I do that the lights on the F1S v2 stay lit and the app then displays a red F1S zoomed in for 3 seconds, then Suddenly I get kicked out of the app and I see the rest of my other app icons on the screen and the lights on the F1S v2 flash again. When I press the home button twice though I see that the app is still on in the background so I try again and, same results. The apple App Store says the app is compatible with my iPod touch. I have iOS 12.5.7 and can’t update the ios any further. I have plenty of space free on my iPod more than half of the 128gbs to spare. I would appreciate it if someone can shed some light on the subject please.