Hello there! I have made some dildos and are offering them for sale. They are handmade at every step of the process from sculpting the model to making the mold as well as the glazing to give it a smooth and shiny finish. They are 100% shore a 20 (medium soft) platinum silicone rubber. I'm selling the products bellow for 60 euros each but offer all three for 150. Shipping is free within Greece. Shipping everywhere else will be charged seperately. If you're interested contact me at stephanshop01@gmail.com. Your purchase will allow me to make more and better toys in the future. This is what I have in stock:
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They are rather large toys with insertible lengths of 23.5 (left), 19.5 (center) and 22 (right) centimeters and decent girth. I also accept custom orders for different colours. I currently have black and white available but can order others as needed.
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