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I learned a few about lubricant these last past weeks and I thought about writing it down because even if for some of you it will seem so obvious, for others, as I was before, it's not.
So I want to share with you a condensed version of what I learned, there is more in my blog post

Peut être une image de texte qui dit ’Activity vaginal anal penis (masturbation) Aqua based Take care of pH/Osmolality Take care of pH/Osmolality Yes Type of Lubricant Silicone based oral Yes Yes sextoy condom aqueous environment Yes Yes Yes Yes Oil based Yes Yes Yes No Certain materials Yes Yes Bof Yes Except latex Except latex Exceptlatexor or polyisoprene condoms Yes’

So first, if you just want to play with your penis, it's ok, choose what you want. There isn't really any bad choice here. But if you want to play with sextoy, have sex penetration, use it with condoms... You may need to have a few others informations.
Because lubricant aren't meaning just to play with toys. They help the natural lubrication, reduce friction, increase sensations, reduce the discomfort or pain of penetration and can relieve (short-term) vaginal dryness

Water based lubricant
They are fine with everything. Should it be to use with sextoy, in a vagina, in an anus, for oral sex, using with condoms... You can't be wrong. Except that water based lubricant have two notions that you should be awared of, in addition of taking care of ingredient.
pH : because a vagina and an anus have an environment with a different pH, you shouldn't use the same lubricant
osmolality : body cells, as water based lubricant, will always try to reach a balance water level. So it can dry your cells, taking the water from them, or swollen them by moisturizing them too much. Both can be an open door to infections so take care.
Also, water based lubricant tends to dry quite fast so you'll need to reapply them quite often. That's why there two other possibilities.

Silicone base lubricants
I fucking love it but... even if there is no pH or osmolality to take care of, if they can be use for any kind of penetration, last a long time, are compatible with condoms... You can't use them with silicone sextoys. So, most of your dildos (if you didn't make the error to buy PVC/TPE/TPR/Jelly dildos)
So if it's not to use with sextoys, just grab a silicone based lubricant, it's really way much better in term of sensation than water based lubricant. It doesn't dry quickly.
But you'll need some soap to wash it

Oil Base lubricants
A natural solution that have longer application time than water base lubricant. It moisturise well, it's awesome for anal sex and avoid friction like a pro.
But it's a pain to wash off, it leaves stains on the bedsheets and even if there is no really any formal study about it, some women said that it was something that lead them to vaginal infection.
Also, it's not recommanded with latex or polyisoprene condoms. (and on a personal matter, I don't really like the taste)

How to choose ?
So if you have to choose, water based lubricant are the easiest to find and compatible with everything BUT TAKE CARE. If you intend to apply it in an anus or vagina, please check for pH or osmolality. If you can't find these data, it's certainly that it's wrong.
If you don't need to use lubricant with sextoys, go to silicone based lubricant.
I made a review on Überlube lubricant and it's a killer

And I won't personnaly recommand oil based lubricant but... I lack of experience for this kind of lubricant.

So about you ? What can you share about personal lubricant with me ? What could you add ?
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