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  1. Lilyfighting

    Review Plushy, a thrusting Interation Anal dildo vibrator in silicone.

    Lovebirdvibe's anal sex toys impress with their thoughtful design and high-quality materials. Plushy is catering to both beginners and experienced users. Performance In terms of performance, The vibrations are strong and can be adjusted to different intensities, allowing for a customized...
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    Recommend a toy to make my partner squirt

    The Darlingrose from, My boyfriend sits on the edge of our bed, holding the toy. Curiosity gleams in our eyes as we experiment with the contrasting sensations of warm and cold. The cool sucker traces delicate patterns across my bodies and clit, eliciting gasps and shivers...
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    Why don't they make sex toys that can suck on breasts?

    This design is already available, you can check here to see if there is one you like
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    Question Which sex toy is the best for girl?

    There are two main reasons for sexual disharmony: Sometimes it is because you are nervous or the foreplay is not enough, so you have no feeling, and you may feel pain or injury during sex. In this case, it is recommended to use water-based lubricants to reduce the discomfort caused by friction...
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    For a shy married woman who is new to exploring sex toys, it's best to start with something gentle, non-intimidating, and easy to use. Bullet vibrator and finger vibrator are small, discreet, and simple-to-use vibrator that's great for clitoral stimulation. Especially finger vibrator can fit...
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    How do I know what my husband likes?

    How do I find out what my partner likes? We have a harmonious sex life and are now looking for something more passionate, you know. All I know is that he likes oral sex every time we make foreplay, but I really don't like oral. Recently I saw many styles male masturbators for oral or blow job on...
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    How many sex toys do you own?

    I was wondering how others have felt about the use of toys. Like alot of people who may have done the same in an effort to understand the "joys of sex" or at least tried to closely recreate it without the need to put themselves through having sex to actually feel it, I have gone through many...
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    Embracing Pleasure: Hello My Forum Friend!

    Greetings to my fellow pleasure seekers, Thrilled to join this community! I'm Lily, an avid explorer of sex toys. Let's share tips, reviews, and ignite passions together. Here's to an exciting journey of discovery!
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    What sex toy makes you reach orgasm the quickest? (for vulva owners)

    Over the years, I have embarked on a wild and wacky journey through the realm of sex toys that would make even Indiana Jones jealous. Armed with a sense of adventure and an industrial-sized bottle of hand sanitizer, i have navigated the perilous jungles of silicone, the treacherous peaks of...