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  1. LadyG

    Question Suction toy for someone who never had an orgasm?

    The suction toys have light suction and they do directly touch your body. In fact, for them to work you really need to have the tip make a seal around you clit. There are models with variable power, so you can start out gently - Womanizer Premium is one. They are EXTREMELY effective, I would...
  2. LadyG


    If you don't have an air pulse toy - you need one! Womanizer, Satisfyer etc.
  3. LadyG

    Review The Handy - First Impressions

    Well this sounds fun. I think I need one to use on my partners. 🤨
  4. LadyG

    Recommend me a flogger for under $50

    I got this one for about $30, it comes in and out of stock at Amazon, so keep a look out. It isn't crazy heavy, so you are not going to hurt anyone with it. Seems well made. so far.
  5. LadyG

    Butt plug

    Which one do you have?
  6. LadyG

    Glass or Metal dildos?

    Which do you prefer? I like steel for temperature play, but have not had much experience with glass dildos. Any tips?
  7. LadyG

    small vs large plug getting lost

    The most important thing is the size of the base, not the insertable part. If you get one with a wide base, there is very little chance of it getting lost inside. Something like these jeweled plugs have a wide base, even on the smaller sized plugs...
  8. LadyG

    Help me find a quiet sex toy

    For a quiet wand, try the We-Vibe Wand. It is big and powerful, and surprisingly quiet.
  9. LadyG

    Sex Toy Mounts - which one?

    Anyone have any experience with the Liberator Sex Toy mounts? I'm having a hard time choosing from all the options. I would like it to hold a wand vibrator and a dildo for riding, and ideally be useful for solo and...
  10. LadyG

    Clit creams/gels/serums

    Looking forward to hearing about it.
  11. LadyG

    Clit creams/gels/serums

    No not in my experience, but I've only tried a few. Which ones did you order?
  12. LadyG

    So the Sucking and Flicking 2 in 1 toy is absolutely amazing!

    Well this has piqued my interest. Do you have a link?
  13. LadyG

    Pussy and clit pumps

    Never tried one, and never really heard of it. But sounds intriguing. I want to know more too!
  14. LadyG

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    If you are looking for something similar, I've got the We-Vibe Jive which I love. I've got a few We-Vibe toys and they are very well made, and have a 2 year warranty.
  15. LadyG

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    wow now I can't say I have ever had that happen. My biggest problem is battery life reducing to the point where it isn't worth it anymore, but that is just like my phones, so I can let that go. Have you heard back from them yet?
  16. LadyG

    Hot Octopus Pulse

    You’ve had a good day!
  17. LadyG

    Toy to stimulate nipples as if they were being licked

    Any of the air suction toys work really well. I’m a fan of the Womanizer Pro. Use lots of lube to get the wet feel. Let me know how it goes.
  18. LadyG

    Tips for using sex toys - stop vibe fatigue before it begins

    I know we all love our vibrators, but I thought we should have a thread to offer any tips for getting the best out of them. Sometimes it can become a bit routine, so what do you do to mix it up? I'm going to start with edging. Instead of reaching climax as quickly as possible, just when you get...
  19. LadyG

    Suggestions for wand attachments

    Just a got a new wand - WeVibe - it's awesome BTW. But it got me wondering, what are your favorite attachments for wands?