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    Where are all the Strap-on with 2 in. (5cm) inner width?

    RodeoH make several and Aslan
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    New toy

    Three come to mind. Aneros, B-Vibe Rimming Plug, and a Hi-Smith with choice of dildo. The last being by far the best in my opinion.
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    Dissapointed with my first ever fleshlight

    The best of this type that I have used is The Handy. Have a look at I don't think there is huge amount of difference between the various Fleshlight sleeves, so if one doesn't do anything for you, I'm doubtful a different...
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    Can you reccomend a double-ended toy for a M/F couple?

    Something like this? or
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    Wider please…

    Two options come to mind. The Handy allows you to use a variety of sleeves and to adjust the tightness of the grip. Another option would be to get something like a Fleshlight and attach it to a Hismith sex machine.
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    Prostate milking

    I will second the above. HiSmith sex machine is the way to go. By far the best toy you can get in my opinion.
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    Can you recommend a music activated toy please?

    Welcome! Try the Lovense Edge 2
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    Automatic masturbation/blow job sex toy

    The Handy sounds exactly what you need. By far the best device of this type I have ever used.
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    Give control to someone random

    The Handy is by far the best I have seen.
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    My machine is way to loud!

    What machine is it?
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    Guide How to install and hide a Sex Swing ceiling hook mount

    That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing, and please do make a tutorial!!
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    Guide How to install and hide a Sex Swing ceiling hook mount

    I like the idea of picture frame disguise! I wouldn't worry too much about the swing coming down. The ring used above is rated at 1200lbs, and its in a heafty roof beam. I think it would out perform an eye bolt.
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    Question Any semi-accurate "licking" toys? Non-vibrating

    Sorry to say that like you, I have never seen anything beyond typical vibrating. Seems a missed opportunity.
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    $25,000 cock ring!

    If you’re in the market for a luxury cock ring, this might just be what you are looking for! Homer, the luxury goods company, has unveiled their latest capsule of premium pendants, earrings, and keychains. Highlighting the collection is the XXXL H-Bone Ring, an 18-karat yellow gold cock ring...
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    Hismith Premium vs TableTop sex machine

    The tabletop can be stored away without taking it apart, the premium has to either be left assembled (which may be a storage challenge), or taken apart. Both are available wit the same motor, so no difference in power. Premium definitely has more flexibility with positions.
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    Furthest distance away that someone has controlled your sex toy

    If you want to return the favor to your partner - try the handy. It's awesome.
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    Question Which sleeve to buy for The Handy?

    If you have the standard, try one of the open sleeves.
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    Hot Octopus Pulse

    I've tried out the Hot Octopus, and while it is good, I think I prefer a good wand vibrator instead.
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    Furthest distance away that someone has controlled your sex toy

    As far as I know they all work in pretty much the same way that you describe. It is because of trying to preserve battery life and limitations with "always on" connections to the phones.
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    Review The Handy - First Impressions

    I've been following the progress of The Handy for a while now, and I just got my very own and wanted to share my first impressions. First the device is very well made. It looks and feels very high quality. This isn't your typical novelty-type of sex toy. The Handy looks and feels like it is...