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  1. Vesper


    Hi! We're a husband and wife team that noticed a lack of a dedicated sex tech forum. We aren't affiliated with any company or work in the sex tech industry. We see it as a growing field and wanted to be able to provide a friendly judgement free place for people to learn as the technology and...
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    Its so exciting to see some new faces! If you've stumbled upon this forum and you're not sure if you want to participate- I just want you to know that what we're trying to create here is a friendly and judgement free place to leave and read reviews of products, share new product discoveries and...
  3. Vesper

    Are vulva products like moisturizers and soothing creams necessary or just good marketing? opinions

    Thanks for the post! This is exactly why we started this forum. We wanted to form a community where people could share reviews and opinions on products like this and others. It's great to read reviews on product pages but it would be so nice to get that info from people you "know" and trust...
  4. Vesper

    CES 2021 Innovation Award Winner - Satisfyer Love Triangle

    wow, that's quite a lot for the price. I'd love to know how it compares to the higher price womanizer.