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    Question Best anal dildo to use with a Hismith fucking machine

    Looking for recommendations on the best beginners dildo to use for anal with a Hismith sex machine.
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    Romp brand

    Good find. I was wondering if/when they would have to introduce a lower price point for Womanizer-type products. There is so much competition now in the sub $50 price point for air powered. Wonder how much of a difference there is.
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    How has the pandemic effected your sex life?

    Well it looks like more sex has come out of COVID! From condom maker Durex. Condom sales have jumped in countries including China where lockdowns are easing, says consumer goods giant Reckitt. It reported a "double-digit" increase in Durex sales in the first quarter of 2021, compared with one...
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    Review Überlube - The ultimate lube for almost anything..

    Have you ever used the Simply Hybrid with silicone toys? I read somewhere that it was OK to do that, but have never tried it as I don't want to wreck my vibes!
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    Trustworthy online stores for sex toys

    Thought it would be useful to have a thread to post online sex toy stores that you've used and would recommend. I'll get started with She Vibe.
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    Looking to buy Arcwave Ion - opinions?

    I've seen the Womanizer in action and the amazing results it gets for vulva owners, so I'm intrigued about the new Archive Ion for men. It is made by the same company and uses the same air technology but shaped for a penis. Has anyone tried it?
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    Review Liberator Fascinator Throw - the must-have sex accessory that you might not know about

    It might not be the latest and greatest piece of Sex Tech gear, but this is something that can truly change your sex life for the better. The Liberator Fascinator throw is a luxurious feeling plush throw blanket with a waterproof lining sandwiched in the middle. This means you can lay out the...
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    Tell us about your favorite Sex Podcasts

    I'm a fan of Shameless Sex. The two hosts both work in the sex toy industry, one with a store and the other at Hot Octopus They have some great discussions and often have guests who specialize in a particular aspect of sex. Well worth...
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    Cock rings - yay or nay?

    Although I don't use them a lot, I do really like them. Makes my cock SUPER hard, but also very sensitive so I can't last very long wearing one. Probably need more practice.
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    What porn would you or do you pay for?

    Thanks for the suggestion, sounds good - will check it out.
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    Visiting a sex store boutique

    You can get anything and everything online now, but do any of you still visit sex toy stores? I actually think finding a good sex boutique store is really useful because you can try out the products (OK maybe not FULLY try them out, but turn them on haha). It is also a great way to judge the...
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    Do you mostly use sex toys solo or partnered?

    Anytime I get the chance (y)
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    What adult toys are on your list to buy for 2021?

    Arcwave Ion - really looking forward to trying this one.
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    Anyone tried VR porn?

    I've seen several studios now offering VR porn. I've never had a chance to try it but was wondering what it's like - anyone a fan of it?
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    Best lube for silicone toys?

    What is the best lube to use with silicone toys? I know that manufacturers don't recommend silicone lube on silicone toys as it can break down the surface. Thanks!
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    Recommend a toy to make my partner squirt

    One of my fantasies is to make my partner squirt. Has anyone had any luck with a particular toy that can get her there? thanks for any suggestions!
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    What porn would you or do you pay for?

    PornHub and all the Mind Geek sites have put so many quality porn studios out of business, I think it is time people pay for porn and support those who do the work. So I'm interested in what porn you pay for, or at least what you would pay for?
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    There needs to be more sex toys for men!

    Well yeah, but women can look sexy doing anything - so that's not fair haha ;) I love watching a woman with a sex toy. But seriously, I see your point. I'm guessing you are talking about a fleshlight type toy? Do you not find it not sexy because the Fleshlight covers everything up and doesn't...
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    Review Überlube - The ultimate lube for almost anything..

    Agree on the Überlube. My wife gives me incredible hand jobs with this stuff - it really does make a difference.
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    Sex Toy Storage

    I don't know why, but somehow our sex drawer has some kind of magical force field around it that stops the little ones from venturing inside. It is odd, because they are into everything else. Hopefully it can stay that way!